Revocycle isn’t really Spinning. 


Our bikes are different from Spinning, our reason for exercising is different, the way we present ourselves is different, the way we teach our classes is different, and our social media is different.


Revocycle was started by a Ph.D. biology professor who has ridden bikes for 25 years. Like many athletes, cycling is his moving meditation and comfort- a place to step away and focus on one thing, a time to be present and in the body.


For us, cycling class is no different from yoga– it’s about focusing on good alignment and the breath, trying to get into the quiet zone of working hard and being in the moment.


It’s about exercising to feel good, to be happy, to get better and stronger at something.


Weight loss, looking hot, posting pictures of ourselves flexing and posing on social media isn’t our game; ‘Fri-Yay’ posts or ‘Will Spin For Spice Cake’ tank tops….none of this is part of the Revocycle culture.


In fact, as athletes and professionals we don’t really get all that.


We’re an adult, serious, focused cycling exercise form. We aren’t trying to be fun any more than your yoga class is trying to be ‘fun’.  We’re about being good.



So Revocycle is quite different from Spinning…in fact, we’re a different movement form altogether: we’re mindful with calm teaching, focused on good alignment of the body rather than ‘dance moves’ or ‘around the worlds’ and we seek to get into the zone rather than to ‘party’.


Revocycle: The Mindful Alignment and Form Revolution In Indoor Cycling