Revocycle is for people who want to get fit using a bike.

We aren’t a party and we’re not here to take Instagram photos with Victoria’s Secret models.


Revocycle is professional, knowledgeable mind and body indoor cycling. It’s how you use a bike to get fit.


In order to pedal to get fit, you need to use all the muscles of your lower back, hips, and legs. The upper body needs to be stable and controlled.

If you are able to swing your upper body around and do ‘pushups’, then you aren’t pedaling for fitness. The flywheel is powering you legs around and you are just along for the ride.

If you can stand up and ‘dance’ for 20 minutes on a bike, or even for 5 minutes, you aren’t pedaling. The flywheel is taking you along for the ride.


We can prove it to you.


Go ride a Biketown bike on a flat road and stand up to pedal in the proper gear. If you can do it for one minute you are in exceptionally good shape.


Try some ‘around the worlds’ while riding fast along a flat road. You can’t do it.


Because you’re using all your lower back and hip and leg muscles….you’re pedaling for fitness.



This is the Revocycle difference. We use freewheel indoor bikes (like a bike!) that demand you actually pedal the full circle, using all the muscles of the legs.



That’s what gets you fit on a bike.


A simple question: why do you go to cycle class? If it’s to use a bike to get fit, Revocycle is how you do it.