Some of the best professional certifications in indoor cycling include Keiser, Stages, Mad Dogg (the real Spinning), CyclingFusion, Schwinn and a few others.


None of these will tell you to do or teach your riders  ‘dance moves’, ‘choreography’, ‘tap backs’, ‘around the worlds’, ‘corner to corners’, ‘obliques’, push-taps’, ‘weight lifting’ and whatever else is being ‘taught’ at Spin studios now.


In fact they tell you NOT to do these because you’ll hurt people.


“Wait a minute……isn’t my amazing _______Cycle studio teaching me the how use a bike to get fit without hurting myself?”





 These studios invent moves to ‘teach’ you in your classes. This is not an exaggeration…they make them up. They have no basis in fitness or safety.


You’re probably wondering….”Is this even legal? I thought these people were fitness professionals?”



It is legal….but it’s unethical. And no, these people are not fitness professionals.



 “Aren’t they supposed to be certified?”

Again….no. They ‘self-certify’ themselves!

We know of a couple studios right here in Portland who coach their ‘instructors’ to respond with “Yes…I am ______Cycle certified” if someone asks about their certification.


Whether any of this matters to you depends on what you think about charlatanism, whether you want to get fit in a cycle class and if you value your knees and back.


At Revocycle we care about honesty and integrity in fitness. We want to teach you how to get fit on a bike. We bring 25 years of actual cycling experience to teach you the best way to use a bike to get fit.


No, we don’t have ‘spirit animals’, and we don’t sell $120 tights…


But if you want to use a bike to get fit, Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling is how you do it.