We get asked all the time if ‘we’re like SoulCycle’. We aren’t, and this article by a certified trainer gives you a good explanation why.




At Revocycle, we want to give you the best possible indoor cycling workout- which means maximizing the effectiveness of the class and making sure we do it as safely as possible.


Dance moves and upper body ‘work’ on a bike reduce the effectiveness of the cycling workout and makes you very prone to back and knee injury. It’s really that simple.


Bikes are made for pedaling. The more muscular power you can put into the pedals, the more fit you are. That’s how you use a bike to get fit…work on getter more endurance and strength.


Imagine two riders at the start line for a one-mile race. One of them is doing pushups and around the worlds and the other is pedaling as hard as she can in the hardest gear she can keep going.

Who wins that race? Who’s more fit?


So at Revocycle we concentrate on using the bike how it’s intended to be used- we work on pedaling with more power, using beautiful form to engage all the muscles of the back and hips properly- all of that requires more calories and works more muscles. That’s getting fit on a bike.


The secret to using bike to get fit? Ride now, dance later.