Several publications have called Revocycle a feminist fitness business.

We are not ‘overtly’ feminist, at least in the superficial way our fitness culture things about it: we aren’t yelling ‘go girl’ in our classes, we definitely don’t preach ‘namaste bitches’ (yes, sadly, that is a real thing in the industry).

Here’s an article by actual female fitness professionals. We couldn’t agree more.

The Female Perspective On Fitness Trends That Are Downright Ineffective, Insulting And Dangerous

We do think that women deserve to be taught an exercise well. We assume they want to know how ride with good form and work hard.

Our role models are actual female athletes and properly well-known fitness professionals (like the ones in this article).

We don’t water down fitness and try to make it a fun ‘party’.

Rather than talking about how hot our instructors are, we promote them based on experience and qualifications.

Instead of posting sexy pictures of our instructors on social media, we prefer educational and spiritual messages…or just beautiful pictures of our city and the nature that surrounds it.

We agree, it seems strange that a fitness program developed by a male is the only one in the ‘spinning’ arena promoting this type of feminist athleticism. We do it simply because it’s the right thing to do. We do it because we came to the fitness industry from the athletic world where women are celebrated for their physical, athletic accomplishments.

But we aren’t the only ones in fitness talking about all this. Check out this article from real, actual women fitness professionals highlighting all the same ways they are trying to change the industry.

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