Have you been to a Spin class? Have you ridden a bike?

They are not the same.

Cycling is about aligning the body properly on the bike so that you can safely and effectively engage the hips, quads, lower back and hamstrings to power against the gears in the wheel. Everything- posture, seat height, handlebar height, back angle- is carefully dialed in to make this beautiful movement. And you get exceptionally fit. You pedal a full circle, engage all the muscles of the legs, use heavy gears/resistance.

Spin studio classes are very often not teaching cycling exercise.

Pretty much every Spin studio in the country is  actually teaching people to do ‘dance moves’, ‘around the worlds’, ‘pushups’, etc…..all of which are dangerous alignment of the back and hips. You may not know this, but these moves are banned by every professional indoor cycling training certification program in the nation because they hurt your knees and back and don’t get you fit.

Why do they do this? Why aren’t they sued?

Imagine a yoga studio that hired models and actors who have never studied yoga and make up postures and flows. That’s what’s happening in Spin all across the country.

 We at Revocycle believe you should always teach people to do a movement form well, and hire knowledgeable instructors.

We teach good form, proper alignment and deep focus. Which makes us the most effective indoor cycling workout in the country.

Ready to get fit on a bike?