Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling has pioneered the use of freewheel bikes in ‘Spin’ classes.

A freewheel bike is just like your bike you might ride outside, or an exercise bike in the gym. A freewheel bike is not a spin bike, it’s a bike.

Spin bikes have the heavy flywheel locked to the pedals and your legs. That means the momentum of the wheel is powering your legs around in a circle. You might be pedaling fast, but the majority of the motion is powered by the flywheel, not your muscles.

A good test is to try and pedal an outside bike as fast as you can pedal a spin bike… can’t. Or, try standing up and pedaling on an outside bike for 15, 10 or even 5 minutes like ‘Spin’ classes do. You can’t.

The effect of the flywheel is huge in ‘Spin’ classes, it’s steals your workout. So we brought for the first time in the history of ‘Spin’ freewheel pedaling to cycle classes. Like a bike or an exercise bike, you get no help at all, you must pedal AGAINST the wheel AND resistance the whole time. This pedaling requires you to use all the muscles of your legs- the quads for sure, but also the calves and hamstrings to pull the pedal through the bottom and through, and the hips/glutes to push the pedal over the top.

The result is hugely increased muscle engagement for a much more effective cycling class, and you have much safer knees since the wheel isn’t throwing energy up into the legs!

Revocycle Mind and Body freewheel pedaling is the NEXT STEP in cycling classes!