The very first sentence we wrote 5 years ago when we created Revocycle Mind and Body was…..


“Revocycle is a health and happiness business.”

5 years ago this was a very strange way to describe a ‘fitness’ business, it still is… It’s as if there are two completely different worlds when it comes to fitness: there’s Instagram body parts and bootygains, swole guys and yogagirls, and then there are the health care professionals and associations encouraging you to get moving to extend your life, live happier, cure depression, reduce stress, sleep better, be more creative….. The former has no interest in cardiovascular health, endurance and mental health, the latter couldn’t care less about how big your booty is or your six-pack.


There’s still a VERY long way to go, but Revocycle is creating a shift in hashtagfitness culture toward movement for feeling good and being healthy….which of course…. is the true path to happiness.