The diet industry has done a great deal of harm. Whether it’s pitching rapid weight loss (unhealthy) or ‘bikini bodies’ (also unhealthy and objectifying) one thing remains clear. Dieting is a social phenomenon, and there is zero evidence that ANY diet leads to long term weight loss. Most often dieting leads to weight GAIN in the long term.

The diet and fitness industries know this, but they pitch it anyway because it works….in a fashion. The pitch is extraordinarily effective at shaming people into spending their money.

At Revocycle we won’t take part in this scheme, and instead teach you to exercise for feeling good. That’s it. We don’t post sexy pictures of our instructors or clients, we don’t run ‘New Year, New You’ promotions, we never promise to ‘change your body’ (it’s fine….!)

Here’s an especially trenchant analysis of the whole ‘Wellness’ trend, which of course is just ‘diet’ spelled differently.

Meet The Thin White Men Who Rebranded Dieting as ‘Wellness’