Revocycle Newfitness is a reimagining of the what, how and why of fitness marketing and practice with the goal of bringing more people into healthy movement, minimizing harm and seeking the higher ground.

As we tell everyone….we are not a #fitness studio. In our view, #fitness has become too insular, too focused on ‘getting hot’ and being ‘sexy’, too unwelcoming for your average person.

We’re about exercise for health and happiness. We don’t care what you look like or what outfit your in, we don’t take selfies for Instgram and we don’t talk about ‘getting ready for summer’.

Changing fitness is a big job! But it starts with the communicating these core principles

  • health and happiness versus bodies and weight loss

  • socially- and psychologically-responsible social media messaging

  • welcoming all people to movement- HAES, body-positive

  • teaching recognized safe and effective form, protecting hearing

  • promoting intrinsic hashtaggoals rather than external looks

  • practicing mindfulness, awareness in order to build positive feedback