For the athlete, there’s nothing more powerful than getting into a rhythm and finding yourself deeply present- time flies and the spirit soars.

This is the Revocycle Mind and Body approach to indoor cycling exercise, and it’s truly transformative. All of our classes (except the RevoRush on Wednesday nights) incorporate the quiet instruction and attention to form that facilitates being really present.

But our new Sunday afternoon CHILL ride takes this to a whole new level. Incorporating yoga style music without lyrics, atmospheric soundscapes, and impactful film music, we teach this class as if it were in fact a yoga class- with the same goal of going deep and quieting the mind.

It’s a consciousness that is really not present in most of group fitness, and nowhere in Spin….and it is really a meditation as we cue you to focus on the breath, feel the body. We guide you in meditation and practice visualization exercises.

Come try it out and learn what really being mindful can do for your indoor cycling workout.