Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling was born from a simple yet profound realization- cycling exercise can be a meditative, spiritual practice.

The rhythmic, repetitive motion of cycling and its recruitment of large muscle groups encourages settling in and quieting the mind.

Add in paying close attention to body position on the bike while using the breath mindfully and you have something that is the EXACT cardio analogue to yoga.

Centering oneself in the body and the movement. Seeking out exercise as a calming refuge in the storm of our distracted and busy lives.

It’s almost as if getting fit is the accidental consequence of the practice. Your intentions change- away from burning calories or changing your body and toward feeling good and moving well.

It’s about changing your mind.

THIS is when a shift happens and fitness becomes a spiritual practice.

Mindful movement will change your relationship with #fitness, and it can transform your life.