Not a super sexy issue, but an important one. Hearing DAMAGE, as in PERMANENT hearing loss, is on a dramatic rise in young women.

And audiologists have identified a major cause……. group fitness, as in, spin classes.. Why would a fitness studio play music so loud it damages you? Isnt this is the very opposite of ‘health’ and female empowerment? Hearing loss doesn’t sound like wellness!

We’ve had SO MANY customers complain to us about brutal, painful sound levels at spin studios they’ve been to. It’s all so sad…….a good sound system can safely play music in a way that is soulful, engaging and immersive, and a good instructor can teach class without resorting to destroying your hearing by yelling and blasting the music. This new functionality on the apple watch will open some eyes, and save some ears.

Apples Noise App Is Designed To Save You From Yourself