Typically Spin class is an intense scene- super loud music, frantic dance moves, yelling instructors, lights flashing.

Maybe this type of approach doesn’t appeal to you, or maybe you’ve done that a while and are tired of the sore knees and ringing ears. Or, maybe you’re looking for something more from your fitness. Something a little deeper.

Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling pioneered the idea of mindful cycling. Our cycling practice takes our approach from yoga, barre and Pilates. Think about how your teacher in barre or yoga speaks to the class; calm, peaceful, frequent cues  to tune into your boy and be in good alignment.

This kind of mindfulness is powerful. It boosts your mental health, reduces stress….in ANY type of exercise. And this is what we bring to indoor cycling classes. Ours is the type of class that leaves you feeling calm, relaxed and peaceful even though you just worked very hard.

This is the promise of mindfulness in movement.