What is fitness to you? Why do you pursue it? Or, if you don’t do #fitness, why not?

Revocycle Mind and Body is a new approach to #fitness and Spin.

Revocycle was created by a life-long athlete, mindfulness practitioner, musician and Ph.D in science. The culture and values of #Spin have never spoken to us. You know what we mean- the over-the-top presentation, the obsession with bodies and ‘getting ready for summer’, the Instagram selfies, ‘guru’ instructors with their sexy poses and posturing.

This isn’t the fitness we’ve practiced all our lives. We’ve always loved the feeling of moving, learning a new skill or sport, the presence that comes from working hard and being in the moment. We value instructors that know what they’re doing and teach good form, who are confident and nice.

And so we’re #unfitness and un-spin. We’re movement for health and happiness, we’re about wellbeing through mindful movement. The mental health benefits- stress reduction, depression prevention- are more important to us than any ‘transformation’ of the body.

We’re after life-long wellness. We use fitness to take care of ourselves and keep our bodies- and minds- working well.

There’s a shift happening in the #fitness world, people are looking for a more sustainable, healthy approach to movement that’s more about getting present and healthy.

This is Un-Spin.