There’s a GIGANTIC market available to fitness businesses. But it requires a shift in mindset, messaging, and belief system.

As an athlete, mind-body movement practitioner and scientist fitness has never spoken to us. By fitness we mean how the industry markets itself and how it’s represented on Instagram or other social media. I’m not alone, as many articles have made this much clear- the industry actively turns off people who could be customers.

That’s why our Revocycle Mind and Body concept has, as one consultant we hired told us, “the most loyal and passionate customer base” he’d ever encountered in his years in the industry. This is BECAUSE we don’t talk about bodies…..or weight loss…..or bikini season….or post pictures of bodies….or talk about new year, new you and ‘transforming your body’.

We’re a health and happiness business, THAT’S what we talk about- movement to feel good, reduce stress, boost happiness, be present. This is the messaging that creates loyalty and passion, and life-long movement. We believe it’s the right thing to do, and we know that it makes a powerful difference in people’s lives.