Our number one focus, and our primary message to our clients: exercise to feel good, reduce stress and to find a quiet refuge in our busy and stressful lives.

It’s a powerful and ultimately transformative approach to fitness.

No more before and after pictures, no more body transformation 30 day challenges, no new year new you.

The industry has hijacked your self esteem to sell a false version of it back to you. It tells you that your worth is in your body. It’s ‘stars’ and gurus, by definition, are those who believe that their value is derived from external appearance and they convince you that yours does too.

This belief system- and the culture it creates- is limiting, and keeps millions of Americans AWAY from fitness. People who aren’t interested in Instagram fitness selfies or the latest Lululemon pants are not attracted to such a culture.

People are beginning to expect more from fitness businesses. They should. The evidence is super clear that body focused messaging in fitness is damaging and ineffective at creating lifelong fitness habits.

#Consciousfitness is about shifting the fitness values, seeking the higher ground, moving to feel good, doing movement well.