We’ll be celebrating the Winter’s Solstice with a special SATURDAY night 6pm vinyl ride December 21st!


The winter solstice is that day when the northern hemisphere of the earth is most tilted away from the sun- meaning we get the most indirect sun exposure of the whole year, and as the earth rotates we ‘pass through’ the sunny areas most quickly.


Throughout most of human history we’ve been deeply connected to nature and the heavens, but we’ve lost this connection. It’s important and healthy for us to reestablish this connection to our natural world, so like humans have done for millennia we’ll celebrate the solstice as they did- as end to the increasingly dark days, a looking forward to brighter and warmer times….and spring is on the way!


This will be a beautiful ride to the celebrated album A Winter’s Solstice by various artists from the Windham Hill label. This record is legendary and oh so beautiful!           Reserve your seat now!