We are in what I call the ‘age of distractive fitness’, a mindset based on the belief that if we can sufficiently distract and divert you from what your body is doing then you’ll be more likely to exercise. We see this in group fitness like cycle classes and boot camp, and even yoga is becoming more distractive and entertainment-oriented.

Yet, at the very same time, we’re also seeing a massive growth of interest in meditation and mindfulness. The scientific research on the benefits of meditative and mindfulness is exploding

Somehow these two- fitness and mindfulness- haven’t met up….yet.

Mindful movement is a natural combination; mindfulness in fitness enhances the benefits of exercise- better form, better results-and exercise provides the perfect opportunity to tune into the senses and the body as a way to quiet the mind, to really be in the moment, and therefore reduce the stress response.

Distractive fitness- loud sound, flashing lights, switching rapidly from one move to another- INCREASES the stress response in the body and obliterates the opportunity to be really present.

There is a synergistic benefit to bringing mindfulness into movement that, as the research shows, actually INCREASES one’s desire to exercise.