‘Spin’ bikes are not like bikes.

Almost every spin class in the world uses fixed-gear indoor cycles- your pedals are locked to the spinning 50 pound flywheel. If the wheel is turning, it’s sending energy into your legs and powering your legs around the circle.

A bike or exercise bike at the gym isn’t built this way- you pedal against the gear or resistance, and when you stop pedaling the wheel coasts. You have to pedal all the way around the circle, all the time. This is a freewheel.

Fixed-gear Spin bikes are not good for you or your workout.

  • Energy is pushed into your knees and legs from the momentum of the flywheel, especially at the super high rpms most ‘spin’ classes mistakenly teach- meniscus and ligament damage anyone?

  • It’s simple….a 50lb flywheel flinging your feet around doesn’t require much effort. This is one reason that other spin studios turn the temperature up high. Hint-sitting in a sauna is not a workout.

The Revocycle freewheel Natural Pedaling Method absolutely requires you to use the whole leg to pedal the whole circle. The calves and hamstrings and glutes are actively engaged with every pedal stroke, thus toning more muscles and burning more calories.

You will notice our classes are much harder than a standard ‘Spin’ class since you’re doing much more work…and getting much more fit!