New To Revocycle? Important!

New To Revocycle? Important! 2017-11-13T08:31:12+00:00

Revocycle is a new type of spinning that brings the movement expertise,  good form,  professional teaching style and alignment of yoga and barre classes to indoor cycling.

Here are just some of the ways we are different from other spin studios:

  • We hire only the most knowledgeable and professional instructors based on their knowledge and expertise

  • We use freewheel bikes so that the whole leg is engaged in the pedal stroke for a more effective workout; fixed- wheel bikes used in all other spin studios simply fling your legs around

  • We personally fit every rider carefully to their bike and record the settings

  • We don’t do ‘dance moves’ or ‘choreography’ (you might be surprised to learn they are explicitly banned by professional certifications since they’ll wreck your back and knees)- we practice beautiful form and alignment

  • Metrics- track your power, heart rate, cadence to really get fit

  • There is no yelling, screaming or obscenities at Revocycle- we teach with the voice of barre and yoga

  • Our goal is not to entertain, distract or create a club-like atmosphere; we’re about getting you to tune into your body and rhythm, just like your yoga or barre classes

  • We use positive, modern esoteric playlists with no obscenities or misogyny or graphic sexual content- we’re seeking the higher ground here

  • Anybody can sit wherever they want