At Revocycle it’s about the workout.

Our program is rather more sophisticated than your typical spin studio, and our instructors reflect that. Read on!

Certifications: 200 hour Namaspa yoga, Revocycle Power and Heart Rate Training. Half-Ironman finisher. Note: Allie began a Ph.D. program at Princeton this fall and will be back several times a year. We already miss her very much!

How would you describe your teaching style? Athletic and empowering, balanced by inspiration and mindfulness. The true teacher is the person on your bike; I am just a guide!

Why Revocycle? I love and wholeheartedly believe in Revocycle’s vision of mindful movement and placing happiness at the fore of exercise. Revocycle honors and respects the body in ways that many in the fitness industry have forgotten. You’ll be hard-pressed to find more genuine, kind riders and teachers anywhere else. Plus the sound system just plain rocks.

Describe, in three words, how you want people to feel when they leave your class. Embodied. Inspired. Alive.


Certifications: ACE, AFAA, TRX, Stott Pilates, Tribal Massive and 8 Elements Belly Dance, Johnny G Spinning, Revocycle HR and Power Training

What has fitness changed in your life? I have better focus, am more disciplined, and have great energy throughout the day. If I’m having a rough day, my first instinct is to go for a run or take a class, instead of desserts or retail therapy. Exercise is so effective at making a person happier and more energized.

How would you describe your teaching style? Energetic, athletic, and a little goofy. I love to put together an eclectic playlist that includes lots of musical styles and songs with a great beat. I really try to balance motivating my fellow riders with enough cues and feedback to keep them going, but also give riders the chance to “zone in” on their own workout and enjoy the music.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Frozen yogurt and boots.

Describe, in three words, how you want people to feel when they leave your class.
Joyful, energized, sweaty.

Why Revocycle? I began teaching cycling in 2003 and when the trends changed to include movements on bikes that were unsafe, I quit teaching cycling and focused on other fitness and dance formats. Revocycle was a breath of fresh air because of the focus on form, proper body mechanics, and on the high quality of the bikes. It’s no fun to get to a class and then figure out that most of the bikes are broken due to poor maintenance. I love the other instructors and the students as well, and you can’t beat the location.

As you can see, Ashley is a multi-talented movement instructor. She is also a professionally-trained opera singer and a world-famous belly dancer. Once a year or so Ashley goes out on tour with the band Beats Antique, maybe you’ve seen her in concert! Or perhaps cruising around town on her 1200cc Harley!

Certifications:  NASM-CPT and Corrective Exercise Specialist; WITS Low Back Injury Prevention, Revocycle Training, Black Belt Tae Kwon Do.

Bevin is a personal trainer, professional dancer, choreographer and vocalist, and a mom!

How would you describe your teaching style?   I am fascinated with the human body and what it can do. My teaching style revolves around maintaining the balance between being curious and ambitious. I like to keep classes focused, form-based and lively.

Why Revocycle? I love the focus on mindfulness and form. Revocycle teaches you about your body while delivering a safe and effective workout in a positive atmosphere allowing you to challenge your limits in a healthy way. It’s consistent, effective, safe and fun!

Describe, in three words, how you want people to feel when they leave your class. Self-aware, enlivened, enthusiastic- ready to take on the world!


Certifications: Schwinn Cycling, LaGree Fitness, Revocycle Training

How would you describe your teaching style? Functional and fun – I want everything you do on the bike and in a sculpt class to enhance what you do outside of class. 

Why Revocycle? I love that the freewheel bikes more accurately mimic road bikes – I’ve become a stronger and better rider because of them and I know that others who have ridden them have experienced the same as well. Plus the way we use music in the class has given me a lot of leeway in music selection – I’ve been able to broaden my own musical horizon and used that to get the class excited as well. One of the most gracious compliments I have been paid while teaching was “I didn’t want to take your class and I wanted to just sleep in, but I gave you a chance and I feel so good and my spirit came alive.” 

Describe, in three words, how you want people to feel when they leave your class.  Uplifted. Encouraged. Positive. 

Certifications:  Johnny G, Degree Fitness, Revocycle Training

What is it you love about indoor cycling? I love the sound system and the free-wheel bikes. Outdoor cycling will always be one of my favorite hobbies, but the ability to spin on the bikes at Revocycle while listening to great music on the best sound system has a unique energy, and everyone in the room feeds off of it.

What has your fitness changed in your life beyond your body? Being able to harness my energy on a positive outcome, while quieting the mind. When day to day activities get stressful, there is no better way to recharge the mind by unplugging and breaking a good sweat. That allows me to come back to reality with a focused attitude.

How would you describe your teaching style? I like to create exciting, upbeat, and energetic rides with a relaxing undertone. I find it important to make sure the ride is entertaining but follows a realistic approach to riding, encouraging my students to envision an outdoor cycling experience with the addition of uplifting music.

Tell us your go-to song/artist for getting pumped up during a workout & why? There are almost too many to choose from, but my go-to artist when it comes to finding a “zone” would have to be Galantis. I always like to have a variety of approachable house music combines with indie/rock to make sure the class feels the difference in riding styles.

Describe, in three words, how you want people to feel when they leave your class. Accomplished, relaxed, and motivated.

Why Revocycle? Because there is no studio like it. Revocycle is the perfect balance of getting a challenging workout while leaving class with a relaxed mind and energized body. The combination of cycling on the free wheel bikes with the best sound system and amenities make the experience well worth an early morning visit. 

Certifications: NASM-CPT, Crossfit Level I, Skogg Kettlebell, Johnny G Spinning, Revocycle HR and Power Training

Dana has been teaching spinning and strength training here in Portland for years. She is well-known around town for her work at Energy Training and has a wealth of knowledge around fitness, health and nutrition.

How would you describe your teaching style? My teaching approach allows people to have freedom to challenge themselves in a way that works from them. Traditional mind-body cycling classes are in my roots. My class gives people space to find their ‘zone’, and push their individual goals, every class. The music is a key factor in my class experience and the playlists are definitely eclectic. I cross genres from EDM to Indie to Classic Rock. You can expect the unexpected song every now and then.

Why Revocycle? It does not get any better than Revocycle for indoor-cycling classes! It’s a real pleasure to teach on premium, free-wheel bikes and have an exceptional quality sound system to pedal a long with. After I took my first class here, I knew I wanted to become part of Michael’s team.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Serial watching British Crime Dramas on NetFlix.


Certifications: Johnny G Spinning, Revocycle Heart Rate and Power Zone Training. IronMan 70.3 finisher.

How would you describe your teaching style? I want my students to feel empowered to push themselves in a positive, encouraging environment. I aim to create a safe space where everyone feels welcome and leaves the class feeling strong, energized, and centered.

Why Revocycle? It pains me that the fitness world tends to focus on body-shaming and guilt as motivation for exercising. We are built to move, and I love that Revocycle defines exercise as an expression of both physical and mental wellness. This unique philosophy cultivates strength, confidence, love, and kindness among both clients and instructors. At Revocycle, we empower and encourage each other to maximize health and happiness through exercise, self-love, camaraderie, and respect.

Certifications: Revocycle HR and Power Training

What is it you love about indoor cycling? I love being able to listen to great music and feed off of the energy of a collective group. When I ride outside – commuting within the city – it’s more about getting from point A to B safely and less about the joy of cycling and the energy that results from a collective, moving meditation.

What has your fitness changed in your life beyond your body? For me, it’s been a great way to relieve stress and keep my “monkey mind” in check. I find that when I am physically active, I have more emotional energy as well as clarity to bring into situations.

How would you describe your teaching style? I try to harmonize athletic performance with moving meditation by combining interval-based, invigorating rides with carefully crafted playlists.

Tell us your go-to song/artist for getting pumped up during a workout & why? There are so many! The first few that come to mind are: 1. The Mike Snow Remix of Sabali by Amadou & Mariam, 2.) Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and 3.) On’n’On by Justice (the Rick Rubin remix), and 4.) One Life Stand by Hot Chip. If any of these songs come on, you will find me moving!

Describe, in three words, how you want people to feel when they leave your class. Energized, connected, and accomplished.

Why Revocycle? The mission and values of the studio really resonate with me: cycling for health and wellness and fostering more of a connection with the mind and body. Also, the Revocycle community is fantastic – we are all there to have fun, have a great ride, and connect with our bodies. It’s a truly real and authentic community.

Certifications: MS (Exercise Science) NASM-CPT, AFAA Group Fitness, NASE, Keiser M3 cycling, TRX, Revocycle HR and Power Training

Lindsay is one of our most loved instructors. She holds an MS in Exercise Science, is certified in TRX, Spinning and is currently working on her Pilates certification. Lindsay’s classes are an amazing combination of technical expertise and super hard work.

Michael is the founder of Revocycle and teaches most of the RevoBasics classes that introduce people to our freewheel pedaling, good bike fit and beautiful cycling technique.