Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling is a comprehensive mindfulness-based indoor cycling program is the most effective, safe and athletic indoor cycling program in the world.

 As gym owners and operators, you’ve seen the ‘dance party on a bike’ phenomenon, started by SoulCycle and copied hundreds of times around the country, and know that it’s unsafe, ineffective and violates all professional certifications.

Revocycle Mind-Body Cycling is a program created by a 25-year rider and racer with a Ph.D. in biology and extensive, high-level study of the mind-body connection and the ‘zone’ of powerful cycling. Our pioneering freewheel pedaling- a first in the industry and in the history of ‘Spinning’- gives your members a significantly more effective and safe cycle class compared with any other cycle program.


Revocycle Freewheel Pedaling

Until now, all Spin bikes have been fixed-gear- the pedals are attached to the heavy flywheel. Clients can get the wheel turning and literally take off the pressure and the flywheel flings their legs around. This is not pedaling. Because of this ‘flywheel effect’, clients can ‘stand’ out of the saddle for 5, 10 or even 20 minutes as they fall through the downstroke with gravity and allow the momentum to pull them through.

Revocycle bikes have a freewheel connection between the pedals and the heavy flywheel which requires you to pedal the full circle of the pedal stroke using the calves and hamstrings and glutes. In the seated position you can’t ‘cheat” and let the wheel fling your legs around! More muscle engagement means more calories burned, better muscle toning in the whole leg and better cardio and safer knees. And when standing out of the saddle we must add huge resistance (i.e. like shifting to a high gear for a sprint or climbing a steep hill) and drive with our body weight.


Revocycle Alignment-based Indoor Cycling

It’s a given that alignment in yoga and barre is essential to getting the benefits of the movement and avoiding injury. The same holds true in cycling exercise. The ‘figure 8s’, ‘around the worlds’ and other upper body motions common in ‘dance party’ classes are unnatural on a bike and create dangerous forces that will injure the knees and back. Our classes teach beautiful alignment and body awareness just like yoga and barre so that you can get the most benefits of cycling without injuring yourself.


Revocycle Mind-Body Practice

We love the calm, focused and respectful teaching of a good yoga or barre class and wonder why Spin classes have to be painfully loud with yelling and screaming. At Revocycle we teach in the manner of yoga and barre, encouraging you to tune into the body and breath so that we get into the ‘zone’.


 This is athletic, mindful cycling exercise. And, remarkably, Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling is the first indoor cycling program to teach full freewheel pedaling for greatly increased muscle engagement, toning, cardiovascular training and calorie burn.

Revocycle Min and Body Cycling: If You Want To Use A Bike to Get Fit, This Is How You Do It.


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