Eclectic, Indie, Modern Music

As with almost everything else we do, our approach to music is different from ‘Spin’ studios.

We’re music LOVERS at Revocycle. We love vinyl records (and host a vinyl record class every two weeks), love learning about new artists.. Music is not background noise here, it’s central…music with meaning, with artistry.

 We searched every sound place in the Portland area for the BEST SOUNDING equipment….here’s what we ended up with….

Line 6 L3M professional powered speakers3 drivers (bass, mid, tweeter), self powered (1400W/speaker), class D amps for the bass and mids, class AB amps for the tweeter. aligned precisely for perfect STEREO sound, the way it should be. We were the first installation of these speakers in the world. The Line 6 L3M sounds better than any other PA speaker we’ve ever heard (except perhaps Meyers Sound Labs…..if you know the name, you know what we mean).

Allen and Heath mixer: from the UK, these mixers are found in the best recording studio in the world. Allen and Heath mixers are known for their warm, punchy analog sound.

Tidal Streaming MusicTidal is cd-quality streaming music. Spotify is great, so is Apple iTunes…but they are a serious compromise in sound. In order to deliver music to you digitally, they need to compress the files and remove data…..that makes for terrible sounding music! Tidal delivers cd-quality sound….we’ve done the test, anybody can immediately hear the difference.

Together, these three pieces make MAGIC. Because we use only two speakers in the front of the house, pure stereo sound bathes you in full bass, warm mids and clean highs.

Have a Song You’d Like Us to Play?

Send us your requests and we’ll put them in our playlists. Drop us a line.