The Portland 100% Organic Cycling Workout: No Fillers, No Harmful Additives!

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Revocycle is hiring top instructors to teach classes in its beautiful, spacious studio. We seek experienced, certified instructors who create exciting, fun classes with a strong sense of community.

Our bikes and our program are absolutely unique in the Spinning industry. Freewheel pedaling requires much more work and body awareness than standard fixed-gear spin bikes. You’ll need to be strong and understand the mechanics of a good pedal stroke. We don’t teach ‘dance party moves’ on a bike like tap-backs, ‘pushups’, ‘around the worlds’ and the like because they are inherently unsafe- and are banned by every indoor cycling certification- and do nothing for the workout…we want to give people the best cycling workout.

It is important that instructors be familiar and comfortable with discussing and integrating mind/ body aspects of physical exercise into teaching. Revocycle maintains an ongoing education in these areas in addition to incorporating new research from health, fitness, exercise neuroscience, and more.

We require a  previous certification, then we will train you in our industry-leading Revocycle certification program.

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Revocycle is revolutionizing the Spinning industry with our focus on good form and mindfulness.

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