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What Does It Mean To Be A Feminist Fitness Business?

Several publications have called Revocycle a feminist fitness business. We are not 'overtly' feminist, at least in the superficial way our fitness culture things about it: we aren't yelling 'go girl' in our classes, we definitely don't preach 'namaste bitches' (yes, sadly, that is a real thing in the industry). Here's an article by actual [...]

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Revocycle Culture-Changing An Industry

Revocycle is named for two things: the revolution of the pedals when pedaling, and the cultural revolution of the spinning industry our program represents. When the world is filled with "no experience required, submit head shot for an interview" spinning studios that 'teach' clients to do 'moves' that will destroy their knees, ruin their backs, [...]

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The Beauty of Pure Cycling- Revocycle vs. SoulCycle

Revocycle is not a Soul Cycle copy, we are next-generation indoor cycling that merges the mindfulness of yoga, barre and Pilates with the amazing cardio benefits of indoor cycling. We are about tuning in to the beauty of the pure cycling motion in order to get an amazing workout and to calm the mind. If [...]

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Good Form in Movement

Good form is the very essence of exercise, whether it's weight lifting, dance, yoga, barre or cycling. That's why Revocycle is leading the nation in bringing back beautiful form, technique and mindfulness to indoor cycling. We recently ran across a blog post from an online workout company called GMB that beautifully captures this essence of [...]

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Good Cycling Position and Technique Are For Everyone

Cycling is a complex movement form that uses many different muscles in the legs, core and the hips, all of which  must be synchronized to create a strong, effective and powerful pedal stroke. It's a beautiful thing, and it benefits from good position, concentration and focus not unlike yoga or barre work. That concentration creates [...]

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The Revocycle Mindful Indoor Cycling Revolution

Revocycle is a completely new approach to 'spinning' or indoor cycling. Our style borrows from the calming instructional style of your barre or yoga classes while bringing the same focus on good fit, good form, excellent technique. In fact, we think of ourselves as a yoga approach to cardio exercise! Have you ever noticed that [...]

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Questioning Assumptions About Cardio Classes

In your yoga or Barre's quiet, peaceful, even spiritual. Soft music is playing, the calming voice of your highly trained instructor guides you through your practice, gently reminding you to check in with your body, your position, to be safe and comfortable. In a 'spin' class.....super loud, the instructor is a ROCKSTAR!! spotlighted on [...]

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The Instant Fitness Transformation- Guest Blog from MindFitMove

We've all seen the tv ads for the shorter and shorter workouts that will 'transform your body'. Just 10 minutes a week! Only 3 minutes a day to a better you! The 1 minute body makeover! Deep inside we all know that getting fit and healthy takes time and effort, and no 1 minute a [...]

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Time Magazine: The Mindfulness Revolution

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention- to your thoughts, to your body, to your movements. It's being aware, intentionally. Mindfulness is the very opposite of how most of us live our lives every day, immersed as we are in the constant din of alerts from our digital devices and pressures of work, home and [...]

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Revocycle- Calming Cardio

Revocycle was born during an amazing week at Esalen, the famous mind-body spiritual retreat center in Big Sur, California. John Ratey, Harvard professor and author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, was teaching a continuing medical education class there on the powerful brain benefits of exercise, and I called Harvard [...]

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