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The benefits of meeting friends, enjoying music and creating a community and culture around exercise.

What To Expect from a Revocycle Class

If you are new to indoor cycling, you will find Revocycle very welcoming. It is, in fact, part of our mission to make the benefits of this wonderful exercise available to those who would never set foot in a spin class at the gym. We've written about it in a previous post- in short, many, [...]

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The Intensity Problem with ‘Spinning’

For every 20 dedicated 'spinners', there must be at least 100 people who would never try it, and 200 people who have tried and it swore they would never go back. We know this- we have studied the industry reports and interviewed hundreds of people.

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The Value of a Beautiful Exercise Space

Big box gyms are in serious decline. Market data show that enrollments are down, and recent surveys show that only 17-20% of American adults belong to a gym.  At the same time,  in surveys roughly 98% of Americans say they know that exercise is good for your health. So what's going on here? Why is [...]

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Movement, Community and Music

At Revocycle we understand that physical movement is an inherent part of being human. Most of us are aware that  that we are healthier- in mind, body and brain- when we move. We are also social creatures. We need to be around others, and benefit from it in all sorts of ways... all the better [...]

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