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Ladies! Train For CycleOregon’s JoyRide Here! Special Classes + Social Hour!

This is the inaugural year for Cycle Oregon's ladies-only one-day JoyRide! We are proud to be partnering with Cycle Oregon and Bodywise Physical Therapy for some special training classes and social hours during April through June. We'll have 4 classes and social hours on Thursday nights at 5:30pm. The dates are April 21st May 5 [...]

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March Vinyl Night- Alabama Shakes

Get ready for some modern soul from the Alabma Shakes and their AMAZING debut album from 2012 Boys and Girls. You've heard many of these songs, it's an amazing record with some great hits that will sound even better on vinyl and the Revo turntable!! We'll ride at 5:45pm, then enjoy some Bridgeport Brewing Ales [...]

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Valentine’s Weekend- Lorna Jane Trunk Show!!

Saturday at 10:00am we'll have our friends from Lorna Jane in Bridgeport Village with us, and after class they're going to open up some trunks for shopping!! The class will feature some interesting love, relationship songs for Valentine's Day. These may not be what you think! If you don't know them, Lorna Jane is an [...]

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Zoom+ and Revocycle Announce Monthly Zoom Member Class!

Revocycle has always been about movement as health care; we see exercise primarily as a way to be happy and healthy so that we can move through the world with strength and grace. Zoom+ is a new approach to health care. Revocycle couldn't be more aligned with their mission of "Food, movement and relationships as medicine". We are [...]

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Revocycle- An Oregonian Must-Try Workout For 2016!

Adding to the list of outlets taking notice of the Revocycle revolution in Spinning (AskMen Magazine highlighted us this past fall), the Oregonian recently had a beautiful piece about how Revocycle is bringing a new format to indoor cycling with it's freewheel pedaling for a better workout and our mind-body focus for a calmer, rejuvenating [...]

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First Vinyl Night of 2016! Bon Jovi!! January 29!

Here we go with our first vinyl night class of 2016! For those of you new to this, we bring in our Revo turntable and play an entire vinyl record, start to finish, for a class. And then we enjoy Bridgeport Brewing ales in the RevoLobby after class. So far we've done Michael Jackson Thriller, [...]

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RevoEndure Class Monday Mornings 6:30am

Our RevoEndure class is a powerful and challenging 75 minute ride to start your week off right. This special class is divided into three sections of 25 minutes each. The first is a steady build up to high power output on mostly flat road steady state pedaling, the second pushes up into the highest levels [...]

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Special Holiday Challenge and Ride With The Oregon Symphony!

We've partnered with the Oregon Symphony to bring you some amazing gifts this Holiday season! Ride 5 times from December 12 to December 30th and we'll present you with two tickets to the Oregon Symphony's Ode To Joy: New Year's Celebration concert on either December 29th or December 30th! or Join us for our Holiday [...]

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Zoom+ Performance Announces Movement Partnership With Revocycle

Zoom+performance, the Portland-based on-demand health care startup has announced a new a new partnership with Revocycle. The first Z00m+performance center has opened on 10th and NW Lovejoy in the Pearl District. The center offers comprehensive wellness exams in addition to drop in primary care. The wellness exams include the standard question and answer with a [...]

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AskMen Names Revocycle Freewheel Pedaling A Trend To Watch For 2016

Revocycle is different from every other spinning studio out there. Intentionally. And, the national men's online magazine, just named Revocycle freewheel Spinning a national Trend to watch in 2016!   AskMen Article We believe that cycling with good form is as important as using good form in yoga, weight lifting, swimming or running. Our [...]

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