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New! Nutrition and Fueling Advice Our Megan Fuetterer of Zest Nutrition!

    Megan Fuetterer, R.D. is one of our amazing instructors. She's an Ironman finisher, runner, cyclist and all around athlete. And she brings to Revocycle her deep understanding and passion for healthy eating and living. We'll be featuring recipes, nutrition advice and healthy living tips from her regularly...keep checking back! Here's a summary of [...]

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Taking Your ‘Spinning’ To The Next Level

Pretty much every spin class in the country uses fixed gear spin bikes. This means that the flywheel is literally flinging your feet around in a circle the entire class, throwing energy into your knees and stealing your workout from you. This 'flinging' effect, momentum, means you aren't really engaging all the muscles of your [...]

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Questioning Assumptions About Cardio Classes

In your yoga or Barre's quiet, peaceful, even spiritual. Soft music is playing, the calming voice of your highly trained instructor guides you through your practice, gently reminding you to check in with your body, your position, to be safe and comfortable. In a 'spin' class.....super loud, the instructor is a ROCKSTAR!! spotlighted on [...]

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The Instant Fitness Transformation- Guest Blog from MindFitMove

We've all seen the tv ads for the shorter and shorter workouts that will 'transform your body'. Just 10 minutes a week! Only 3 minutes a day to a better you! The 1 minute body makeover! Deep inside we all know that getting fit and healthy takes time and effort, and no 1 minute a [...]

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Don’t Let Spin Classes Cheat You of Your Calorie Burn!

You want to burn calories and tone muscles and our Revocycle Natural Pedaling Method will get you where you want to be faster than other spin classes at gyms and studios. It's pretty simple- spin bikes in studios and gyms have a fixed connection between the 50 pound flywheel and your pedals. When you stop [...]

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Would You Use a Powered Spin Bike?

If you ride in a spin class you are already using a powered stationary bike! The energy coming from the spinning flywheel is actually helping to move your legs around in a circle. Here's how to prove it- next time you're at a spin class in the gym, stop pedaling without hitting the emergency brake [...]

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What is Mind and Body Cycling?

Cyclists, cross country skiers, runners, swimmers all know the amazing feeling that comes over you in the middle of a good workout. You feel absolutely energized, powerful and at peace with yourself and world. Your focus is complete, and your senses are heightened. This is an amazing meditative state where the worries about tomorrow or [...]

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