Female Empowerment In Indoor Cycling

You saw earlier in the week how most indoor cyclingclasses are. What is women's empowerment in fitness? Is it your instructor yelling "go you ninja bitches!"? Is it 'teaching' dance moves on a bike that will hurt their knees and back because "we're not real cyclists"? Or hiring models and actors to 'instruct' classes who [...]

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Now A Partner With Chagit- Chaga Mushroom Health

We are proud to be partnered with Chagit, premiere maker of sustainably-sources chug mushroom health products. Click the link on our home page to review their products and purchase! Chaga mushroom is a well-studied food source and has numerous health benefits. The Mayo Clinic has outlined many of the health benefits of chug mushroom. We [...]

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Mindfulness Practice In Cycling

Cycling is naturally a meditative movement form. The powerful, rhythmic and repetitive motion lends itself to going deep inside and focusing the mind. Spin classes have not yet recognized this powerful way to practice cycling, instead going for party and distraction. Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling brings the mind of yoga to indoor cycling, for [...]

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Online Cycling Classes- YouTube, Instagram, Moxie, Facebook!

Explore all the ways we are delivering our proprietary mind and body cycling classes online! We've put in all the work and research and bought the gear to bring you super high quality audio and video in all our formats. This coming Tuesday we're hosting an open house on Facebook that will also be livestreamed [...]

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The Doors L.A. Woman Vinyl Ride December 6!

FRIDAY DECEMBER 6 We're spinning the Doors classic L.A. Woman on the Revo turntable for the next version of our super popular vinyl night. This is the 1971 album that Rolling Stone called the best Doors album ever. Bluesy, psychedelic and strong, the record ends with the epic 7+ minute Riders On The Storm. Reserve [...]

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A Shift From Body To MindBody

Our number one focus, and our primary message to our clients: exercise to feel good, reduce stress and to find a quiet refuge in our busy and stressful lives. It's a powerful and ultimately transformative approach to fitness. No more before and after pictures, no more body transformation 30 day challenges, no new year new [...]

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A New Mindset In Fitness

There's a GIGANTIC market available to fitness businesses. But it requires a shift in mindset, messaging, and belief system. As an athlete, mind-body movement practitioner and scientist #fitness has never spoken to us. By #fitness we mean how the industry markets itself and how it's represented on Instagram or other social media. I'm not alone, [...]

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The New Cycle Workout

What is fitness to you? Why do you pursue it? Or, if you don't do #fitness, why not? Revocycle Mind and Body is a new approach to #fitness and indoor cycling. Revocycle was created by a life-long athlete, mindfulness practitioner, musician and Ph.D in science. The culture and values of current indoor cycling classeshave never [...]

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