Revocycle Freewheel Pedaling Is Changing The Spinning Industry!

Revocycle Culture.

Revocycle is bringing a more sophisticated and mindful culture to indoor cycling.


 We start with authenticity and athleticism. Sexiness is not a primary value here, strength and power is. You will not find us posing with Victoria’s Secret models or reality stars.


We are welcoming and accepting of all. Revocycle isn’t about image or status or the elitist culture that permeates SoulCycle and the like. 


We talk of exercise to be healthy and happy. We never talk about bodies, weight loss or bikini season. And we will not post hot pictures of our instructors on Instagram. 


We speak with a calm and respectful voice, like your yoga or barre classes. There is no screaming and yelling in a Revocycle class. Vulgar, obscene and misogynistic language is banned in our music and instruction. 


Anyone can sit wherever they want…there are no front row rules. In fact, we encourage beginners to sit in the front so they can see the instructor.


 And finally, and most importantly,we aren’t self-styled spiritual ‘gurus’ spouting scripted ‘spiritual’ nonsense. Don’t give up your power to a douchebag Spin ‘instructor’-he doesn’t have your best interests at heart.


Revocycle is about bringing 25 years of cycling experience, and a Ph.D. in science, and extensive study of the mind-body connection to indoor cycling exercise.  


Grace, strength and mindful movement are the hallmarks of Revocycle cycling. 


Revocycle: this  is how you use a bike to get fit.




Arrive A Few Minutes Early. We love to have everyone feel a part of our community. Arrive early and chat with friends new and old, enjoy coffee from Sisters Coffee in our beautiful entry area (or relax across the street in Sister’s cafe!), and set an intention to spend some time rejuvenating your body and spirit.

Stay focused. In that we practice a mindful style of cycling that seeks the ‘zone’, phone calls and texting are a distraction in class, both to yourself and others. We ask that you leave your mobile devices either in our in-room storage cubicles, or lockers in the changing rooms. Medical professionals may of course bring in their pagers and their phones.

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Revocycle is located on NW Marshall Street between 12th and 13th Avenues at 1218 NW Marshall Street.


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Our Natural Pedaling Method

You’ll find you will get a much more thorough and safe workout compared with your regular spin class.


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No talk about ‘hot summer bodies’  here, we seek the higher path through mindful movement.


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Revocycle has 24 seats available for each class. Use the online registering system for reserving a seat in class.


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