The Portland 100% Organic Cycling Workout: No Fillers, No Harmful Additives!

Revolutionary Freewheel Indoor Cycling.

Almost every spin class in the world uses fixed-gear indoor cycles– your pedals are locked to the spinning 50 pound flywheel. If the wheel is turning, it’s sending energy into your legs and powering your legs around the circle.

How do you know this? Try suddenly stopping your legs in your spin class….you can’t. In fact, you can be doing less than nothing when your legs are moving really fast because your body is receiving energy from the flywheel!

This is not good for your knees or your workout.

  1. Energy is pushed into your knees and legs from the momentum of the flywheel, especially at the super high rpms most ‘spin’ classes mistakenly teach- meniscus and ligament damage anyone?
  2. It’s simple….a 50lb flywheel flinging your feet around steals your workout from you. This is one reason that other spin studios turn the temperature up high. Hint-sitting in a sauna is not a workout.

At Revocycle we’re leading the nation in bringing freewheel pedaling to indoor cycling. Our freewheel Natural Pedaling Method absolutely requires you to use the whole leg to pedal the whole circle. The calves and hamstrings and glutes are actively engaged with every pedal stroke, thus toning more muscles and burning more calories.

This is pedaling, this is how you get a great cycling workout! Combined with our focus on perfect bike fitting and attention to beautiful form in class, Revocycle is pioneering the next generation of indoor cycling.


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