The Portland 100% Organic Cycling Workout: No Fillers, No Harmful Additives!


How are you different from all the other ‘spin’ studios?
 Revocycle is a new type of spinning that brings the movement expertise, good form, professional teaching style and alignment of yoga and barre classes to indoor cycling.

Here are just some of the ways we are different from other spin studios:

  • We hire only the most knowledgeable and professional instructors based on their knowledge and expertise
  • We use freewheel bikes so that the whole leg is engaged in the pedal stroke for a more effective workout; fixed- wheel bikes used in all other spin studios simply fling your legs around
  • We personally fit every rider carefully to their bike and record the settings
  • We don’t do ‘dance moves’ or ‘choreography’ (you might be surprised to learn they are explicitly banned by professional certifications since they’ll wreck your back and knees)- we practice beautiful form and alignment
  • Metrics- track your power, heart rate, cadence to really get fit
  • There is no yelling, screaming or obscenities at Revocycle- we teach with the voice of barre and yoga
  • Our goal is not to entertain, distract or create a club-like atmosphere; we’re about getting you to tune into your body and rhythm, just like your yoga or barre classes
  • We use positive, modern esoteric playlists with no obscenities or misogyny or graphic sexual content- we’re seeking the higher ground here
  • Anybody can sit wherever they want  
What is Mind-Body Cycling?
 Know the peaceful and energized feeling you have after a yoga class or barre class? That’s what we’re after. We get there by bringing the mindfulness to good form and calm teaching style that you find in a yoga or barre class into cycle classes. In fact, we ban yelling and screaming and obscenities in our instruction, and we are definitely not trying to create a dance party. Our approach is all about creating a mindful atmosphere and pedaling exactly to the beat of great music so that we can get into that mind-body ‘zone’. You’ll work much harder than a regular spin class yet you’ll leave class feeling rejuvenated and alive!
What is the Revocycle Freewheel Natural Pedaling Method?
 Spin studios use a standard spin bike that has a fixed connection between the 50 pound flywheel and the pedals. Once you get the flywheel turning, it’s flinging your legs around. Have you ever tried to suddenly stop pedaling in a spin class? You can’t. Fixed gear spin bikes send damaging energy into your knees and steal your workout.

Our new Revocycle indoor cycling concept uses freewheel bikes- just like you learned to ride as a kid.  You have to use your leg muscles to pedal against the flywheel all the way around the full circleyou are doing all the work, not the flywheel. At any point you can stop your legs and the wheel will continue turning. At Revocycle you have more muscles working, more calories burned and more effective toning. Our classes are definitely harder than regular spin classes, but this is how you use a bike to get fit.

Who rides at Revocycle?
 Revocycle riders are people who are looking to get the most benefits out of their spinning workout. Many weren’t getting results from the fixed-gear spin bikes used in all other studios (see Natural Pedaling Method above). We also have a large number of riders who have injured their knees and backs in ‘dance party’ spin classes. Revocycle riders are people who simply want to do an exercise form well, with good form and technique, in order to get the most results and avoid injury.

Everyone comes to us for our welcoming, nonjudgmental and friendly environment. Our culture is 180 degrees opposite of the “competitive glamour”, “high drama” and “sexy” “ride or die” mentality of your typical ‘spin’ studio (see  E! Hollywood Cycle) This is something we are very proud of.

Who are the Revocycle instructors? What do you look for in hiring instructors?
We seek, first and foremost indoor cycling certification, and experience and knowledge about cardiovascular exercise. Then we start again from scratch using the Revocycle 30 page training manual that covers everything from proper bike set up, position and freewheel pedaling to measuring music rhythm and structuring an effective profile.

This is highly unusual.

The popular national chain brags that they hire actors and models and doesn’t want anyone with experience or certification. Portland’s most recent spinning studio calls for instructors with “no experience required, submit a headshot to be considered for an interview”. You may wonder what  a headshot can tell you about knowledge of bike fit, safe position on a bike, biomechanics, muscles used in the cycling movement, cardiovascular training methods, safe techniques in cycling, heart rate training and measurement, power and heart rate zones, proper muscle engagement when climbing, etc.

Think about your yoga class or barre class. Would you pay for yoga at a studio that hired actors and models with no training?

Why don’t you do tap backs, hovers, weight lifting, pushups, figure 8s, around-the-worlds, corner-corners or sit ups like I do at other studios?
 Every indoor cycling certification program tells trainees to not do these ‘moves’ and ‘choreography’ because they cause injuries. If your spin class does these moves the instructor is ignoring what she was taught in her certification, if she has one at all.

We believe Rule #1 of any fitness business is “first do no harm”. Because all these moves will hurt your back and knees and don’t contribute to the workout, we don’t do them. ‘Pushups’ on a bike are not a pushup, ‘crunches’ on a bike are not crunches, and moving the upper body around in circles or figure 8s while pedaling does not ‘work your core’. All of these are the very definition of poor ‘alignment’ and put huge stresses on the lower back, pushes out the vertebral discs, and puts dangerous shear forces on the knees. We see people every day whose knees and backs have been hurt in these classes.

We focus on good form and fit and technique so that you don’t get hurt and get the most from your class. You’ll burn more calories and better work your muscles if you use the bike for cycling only, plus your knees and back will thank you!

My Rockstar spin instructor Trisophe’ says spinning isn’t ‘really riding’ so all the dance choreography is fine.

Spinning is cycling exercise. The spin bike is a…

Here’s a simple thought experiment. Can your spine, the vertebrae and muscles of your neck and lower back, your hips bones or the ligaments of your knees know if you’re sitting on an outdoor bike or an indoor bike? Of course not. Both are engineered for the same type of movement- therefore effective and safe movement on a indoor bike is the same as that on an outdoor bike. A bike is the wrong tool for the job if your goal is to dance and work the upper body.

If your spinning studio is teaching these ‘moves, they don’t know about safe and proper cycling form and technique. Or, they do know proper cycling form and technique but don’t care if they hurt you. Google to learn more. Or check out this:  How Much Is Wrong With Whole Body Spin Classes

At Revocycle we know and love the cycling movement the way a yogi knows and loves her asanas. And we teach you to do it safely and effectively.

Do you rent shoes?
 Our bikes have Shimano SPD (mountain bike two-bolt) cleats, so feel free to bring your cycling shoes if you have them, but they also have flat pedals for regular shoes.

We don’t rent shoes because the cleats on the bottom of cycling shoes should be personally adjusted to your foot-knee angle and centered over the ball of your foot. Improperly fit cleats cause serious damage to the knees. We love cycling shoes and encourage you to get your own- the shop will help you set them up so that you don’t hurt your knees or we’ll be happy to help you. Plus, using sweaty rented spin shoes is kinda….gross.

What kind of music do you use at Revocycle?
At Revocycle we absolutely love music and its power to inspire and move us. It’s a big part of what we do-our founder is a musician and audio guy. We have an amazing sound system with state-of-the-art sound reproduction.

We don’t typically play hip hop, club music or any music with obscenities or misogyny. Our music is not just background noise for the performer/instructor to yell over, we actually listen to our music and hope that it brings us to a higher place. Our playlists are mostly modern, indie type music, but each instructor has their favorite style. Try us all out and see who you connect best with!

What is your studio like?
Our studio is designed and built to create a calming and welcoming space where friends can gather before and after to class- we intentionally look and feel much like a yoga studio. The cycle room has 24 bikes built on a theater-style tier system so that everyone has a good view of the instructor and doesn’t feel crowded. We have an amazing sound system that creates beautiful music and allows you to hear the instructor effortlessly. We have two small changing rooms with lockers (bring your own lock!), and a large in-room cubby storage unit so you can keep an eye on your things. There’s a lovely built-in bench in the front entry room for hanging out and enjoying some Sisters Coffee- we strongly encourage this (at least the hanging out part)!
I do other types of core, strengthening and toning workouts, do I need Revocycle?
There is a mountain of research on the health benefits of aerobic exercise, from burning fat, strengthening of the heart and improving elasticity of the arteries to the reduction in the risk of various types of cancer all the way to clinically reducing depression and anxiety. And the wonderful toning of the entire lower body- front and back of the legs, the glutes (rear) and the calves not to mention the core- is an important benefit of aerobic exercise. The calories burned during cycling classes at Revocycle are some of the highest of any form of exercise, so it’s an important part of your weight control efforts. But most of all, there is nothing like the feeling of stress relief and happiness that follows a Revocycle class filled with great music and cycling to the beat!
I’ve never seen your bikes in any other studio. What makes them different?
The most important features of an indoor cycle that you’ll use several times a week are how it fits your body, its stability, and its feel when you are riding.  All parts of our bikes are micro adjustable for seat and handlebar height and forward/backward adjustments, which means we can precisely fit your to your bike. This then makes the riding exercise more comfortable, efficient and safe.

Our cycles also feature a freewheel system that will actually engage the muscles in your leg more effectively and strongly as compared with the fixed gear spin bikes. You’ll develop an elegant and smooth pedaling motion that will feel better and be better for you! See our question above on our Natural Pedaling Method versus the standard ‘fixed gear’ pedaling of other spinning studios.

We also have cycle computers so you can see how fast you are pedaling, measure your power output, and read your heart rate. A cycling cardio class is about pushing your heart rate and power output and pedaling at the proper speed for the type of effort we are seeking, and we are one of the few studios that have these metrics and know how to teach them.

Where can I find parking at Revocycle?
Revocycle is located in the north end of the Pearl District at 1218 NW Masrhall. This end of the Pearl is really easy for parking- we typically have 10 or more spots right outside the door, and there is plenty of Smart Park above Safeway.




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