Revocycle Class Types

We offer a variety of class formats to get you fit from head to toe! All of our classes focus on excellent fit to the bike, mindful attention to the body and rhythm of the music, and a emphasis on good technique for maximizing your workout.

RevoChill: our 40-minute moving meditation class set to yoga style music with visualization exercises and mind-body mindfulness.

RevoRide: The classic 50-minute Revocycle ride with mindful attention to the body, breath and muscles.

RevoSculpt: classic Revo riding for 40 minutes with 20 minutes of off-the-bike strength and core work.

RevoPowerLunch: a 30 minute lunchtime ride that will get you very sweaty…in and out quickly for your cardio!

Vinyl Nights: twice-per-month Friday evening classes where we play an entire vinyl record on the Revo turntable through the amazing Revo soundstystem! Check the schedule or Facebook to see what the next album is!

RevoRush: a very intense class taught by Master Instructor Edwin Montalvo!


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