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Alignment-Based Indoor Cycling

Many of us who go to Spin class for our cardio also do yoga or barre classes for strength and flexibility. Let's conjure up our yoga or barre instructor's voice for a moment......what does she talk about in class? Protect the spine with proper alignment. Attention to the body and good position so that you don't injure [...]

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Respect For Your Body and Time

Quick Fun Quiz... Would you take a yoga class from a super hot model who never studied yoga and makes up her own poses because safe yoga is only for 'real yogis' ? Would you pay for a Swedish massage from an actor who never studied massage but delivers scripted inspirational lines with real feeling? [...]

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RevoSculpt: Riding and Weights Class

We know that all the studios do upper body while you are on the bike. Revocycle is not like other 'spin' studios. We are artfully, intentionally different. We design everything we do from basic principles of good exercise so you can get the most out of your workout time. We think things through. Lifting weights [...]

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