A Different Way To Look At Spinning

Revocycle is coming from a very different place than most Spin Studios. We're about bringing mind-body practice into the cardio of indoor cycling- good body awareness and alignment just like you do in yoga or barre, for the same reasons. We tune into the workout rather than try to entertain or distract you from it. We [...]

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If You Want To Use An Indoor Cycle To Get Fit, Revocycle Is How You Do It

Revocycle is an entirely new approach to Spinning. We wanted a cycle class, not choreographed dance classes that didn't get us fit, hurt our knees and backs, and ruined our hearing. And indoor cycling is built for cycling exercise, not 'around the worlds' or 'corner to corners'.   We wanted a class that was taught with [...]

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Warning! We’re Much More Difficult Than Regular Spinning

 Every other spin class uses fixed-gear spin bikes that help you pedal....cheat, really.   How do you know? Try stopping your legs in a spin class. You can't. The bike is pedaling you. Now get on the regular exercise bike in the gym and stop your feet. There...that's freewheel pedaling.   Revocycle, and our Natural [...]

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Freewheel Spinning

You've never seen 'spin' bikes like ours before. Remarkably, all spin classes other than Revocycle use fixed-gear spin bikes. The big, heavy flywheel is locked to the pedals with a fixed gear. When you sit down to pedal you get the flywheel moving. But once it's moving it's sending energy right back into your legs. Try stopping [...]

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Respect For Your Body and Time

Quick Fun Quiz... Would you take a yoga class from a super hot model who never studied yoga and makes up her own poses because safe yoga is only for 'real yogis' ? Would you pay for a Swedish massage from an actor who never studied massage but delivers scripted inspirational lines with real feeling? [...]

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RevoSculpt: Riding and Weights Class

We know that all the studios do upper body while you are on the bike. Revocycle is not like other 'spin' studios. We are artfully, intentionally different. We design everything we do from basic principles of good exercise so you can get the most out of your workout time. We think things through. Lifting weights [...]

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