The Hamilton Mixtape Vinyl Night Ride! Nov.9, 6:00pm

It's election week and we're playing the Hamilton Mixtape on the Revo turntable for our vinyl ride! The Hamilton Mixtape is a collection of the amazing songs from the Hamilton soundtrack done by Usher, Sia, Kelly Clarkson, The Roots, Ashanti, John Legend and others.... and Lin-Manual Miranda himself! Come hear the incredible soundtrack on warm [...]

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When Was The Last Time Your Yoga Teacher Screamed “F__ck!’ In Class?

When was the last time your barre instructor twerked around the and room yelled at you? Are your barre and yoga classes 'just like a club'?     Our question here at Revocycle is why are good form, respectful instruction and professionalism the norm in barre and yoga classes, but in 'spinning' there is no concern about form [...]

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Greta Jarvis Interview with Life Coach Maddy Moon

On the outside, Maddy Moon was flawless. Her adoring social media followers desperately coveted her chiseled stomach and thin legs, gushing over photos from her numerous fitness competitions.   Maddy's public persona reinforced the fitness industry’s promise that with a "perfect" body comes happiness, beauty, and health.   On the inside, Maddy’s spirit ached. The quest for physical [...]

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Mindfulness And Indoor Cycling

Our lives are filled with constant email, phone calls, distractions. Facebook and Instagram, texting and traffic jams. The current trend in Spinning- the loud, chaotic and hot nightclub-style dance-party-on-a-bike -is both a symptom and an expression of our age of multitasking and distraction, a continuation of the chaotic lives we already lead. The antidote to our multitasking lives [...]

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Athletic, Mindful Indoor Cycling

At Revocycle we're athletes. We think like athletes and we love movement in all it's amazing forms. And you are an athlete too! You have the same body, same ligaments, same muscles, same joints as all other athletes.  Here's a brief resume of our founder Cycling for exercise 25 years; raced from 1985 to 1997 [...]

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The Instant Fitness Transformation- Guest Blog from MindFitMove

We've all seen the tv ads for the shorter and shorter workouts that will 'transform your body'. Just 10 minutes a week! Only 3 minutes a day to a better you! The 1 minute body makeover! Deep inside we all know that getting fit and healthy takes time and effort, and no 1 minute a [...]

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Time Magazine: The Mindfulness Revolution

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention- to your thoughts, to your body, to your movements. It's being aware, intentionally. Mindfulness is the very opposite of how most of us live our lives every day, immersed as we are in the constant din of alerts from our digital devices and pressures of work, home and [...]

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