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Why Is Spinning A ‘Party’ and Yoga and Barre Are Mindful?

We're no more fun than your yoga or barre class. In fact, we're not trying to be fun.....we're trying to be good. And Revocycle is, guaranteed, the most effective and safe indoor cycling workout in the country.  Have you ever questioned why barre, yoga, strength training are all about focus and form and alignment whereas every Spinning studio is [...]

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Totally Off-Trend Indoor Cycling

We're the strangest indoor cycling studio in the country. We know.... 'dance party on a bike' Spin classes are absolutely, totally the trend. Most indoor cycling studios are started by people who have never ridden a bike for exercise, never taken any certification, and think cycling is 'boring'.  Thus you have 'oblique moves', 'choreography' and 'around the worlds'. Think [...]

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‘Fun’ In ‘Spinning’

We're easily the most effective and safe indoor cycling workout in country, with our freewheel pedaling that forces you to pedal the full circle pedal stroke, using all the muscles of the legs. But the most FUN indoor cycling workout in the country? Well, that depends....if your idea of 'fun' is flashing strobe lights, ear-damaging [...]

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Sound, Fury and Hearing Loss In Spin Class

Most spin classes are so loud that studios hand out earplugs. Most of the time you can barely hear the instructor over the noise. Loudness is not equal to good sound. Hearing your instructor is not a bad thing. In the laboratory, scientists who study the stress response subject test animals to loud distorted sound [...]

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Our HUGE Difference…..

Revocycle is a next-generation spinning workout in many ways.    In At Revocycle:  calm, yoga-like teaching voice, regular, normal music at safe volumes and beautiful form on the bike for the best cycling benefits.  Gone: the yelling and screaming instructors, ear-splitting club music, super hot temperatures, and crazy dance moves that do nothing but hurt [...]

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Indoor Cycling Done Like Your Barre or Yoga Class

We love the idea of moving meditation, working our body while we work to be in the moment. Paying attention to the muscles moving, the breath, the heart beat all are wonderful ways to tune into what you are doing and get into the zone. Think of your Barre or yoga practice- you pay careful [...]

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Mindful Movement- The Revocycle Indoor Cycling Revolution

In the United States there are tens of millions of cyclists, runners, swimmers, paddlers, and hikers. These are people who voluntarily head out in the rain, get up early in the morning, make time after a long work day or dedicate a portion of their weekends to pursue rhythmic aerobic exercise. Not a single one [...]

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This is Not Spin: Why Riding at Revocycle is Better For You Than Spin Class

In early '90s when Johnny G started his Spinning program cycling was not a huge sport in the US. Johnny G was a serious cyclist and he envisioned his Spinning program as a way to bring the joy and exercise benefits of cycling to those who had never cycled for exercise. Johnny G's approach was [...]

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