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The Most Effective Spinning Workout In The Nation

Revocycle is the most effective Spin workout in the nation.   The reason is simple. We took the radical step of bringing freewheel pedaling into the Spin class. You may not realize it, but until now all Spinning bikes have actually helped power your legs. Like riding an electric bicycle, the heavy flywheel is sending [...]

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Bringing The Mind And Style of Barre and Yoga To Spin Class

Revocycle is taking Spin classes in a new direction. We draw on the mindful and body-aware teaching style of yoga and barre workouts and focus on proper alignment and form for a better, safer Spin workout.     Think about it...both yoga and barre are super challenging and require focus and concentration, right? But of [...]

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Truth, Love and Beauty In Indoor Cycling

At Revocycle we absolutely love the cycling exercise form. We find it beautiful, meditative, powerful. Like a yogi loves her practice, we love ours.   That's why we teach you to do it well, just like a good yoga teacher.   The truth is if you can do 'dance' moves while pedaling, then you aren't pedaling hard... and leaving the [...]

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Totally Off-Trend Indoor Cycling

We're the strangest indoor cycling studio in the country. We know.... 'dance party on a bike' Spin classes are absolutely, totally the trend. Most indoor cycling studios are started by people who have never ridden a bike for exercise, never taken any certification, and think cycling is 'boring'.  Thus you have 'oblique moves', 'choreography' and 'around the worlds'. Think [...]

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When Is It Time To Step Up To Revocycle?

When realize that your Spin bike is powering your legs around and doing most of the work in your Spin class. When you tire of your back and knees hurting after your 'whole body' Spin class. When you suddenly recognize that the ringing in your ears is actual hearing damage. Revocycle is the fix that the Spin industry desperately [...]

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Professionalism, Knowledge and Experience In Spin Class

Professionalism in fitness is knowing what you're doing and teaching how to do it well so that you can get the most benefits and protect your body from injury. At Revocycle we know cycling. And we know how to get very fit using cycling exercise. Riding with good form and high power output is how you burn calories [...]

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Alignment-Based Indoor Cycling

Many of us who go to Spin class for our cardio also do yoga or barre classes for strength and flexibility. Let's conjure up our yoga or barre instructor's voice for a moment......what does she talk about in class? Protect the spine with proper alignment. Attention to the body and good position so that you don't injure [...]

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Using Science To Get Fit In Spin Class

Our Revocycle founder holds a Ph.D. in biology, has taught at elite colleges, and studied with John Ratey, M.D. of Harvard University Medical School. He has been cycling for 25 years. He is not an actor or underwear model. In order to use an indoor bike to get fit, you need to know what you [...]

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The Un “Fitness” Spinning Studio

This is the time of year you see advertisements for all sorts of workout programs and devices on tv. All of them promise to "transform your body", help you shed 3 or 7 dress sizes, get a 'six-pack', tone up your arms and get a hot 'booty'. All of them will make it "easier", or more "fun" than [...]

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Revocycle-The Most Effective Spinning Workout In The Nation

If you're looking to get fit in a spin class, we know how to do it! Revocycle is founded on 25 years of cycling experience; we know the workout inside and out and we bring deep knowledge of bike set up, cardiovascular training, and effectiveness on a bike. Our freewheel pedaling bikes will give you 40% more [...]

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