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Ron Burgundy: “It’s Science!”

Science is everywhere, even in your spin class. Science informs everything we do here at Revocycle- heck, we were started by a real scientist who also happens to have ridden bikes, studied cycling, and raced bikes for 25 years! Lucky YOU.....science in service of greater fitness through cycle exercise!     Bike Fit, Pedal Speeds, [...]

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Give Genuine Compliments to Be More Happy :-)

We love the Happify site. It's a project that summarizes all the scientific ways to genuinely create happiness in our lives! And it seems one of the best things you can do to be happy is give genuine compliments. You know how that feels? It takes a little bit of presence and thought to really [...]

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Good Cycling Position and Technique Are For Everyone

Cycling is a complex movement form that uses many different muscles in the legs, core and the hips, all of which  must be synchronized to create a strong, effective and powerful pedal stroke. It's a beautiful thing, and it benefits from good position, concentration and focus not unlike yoga or barre work. That concentration creates [...]

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