Greta Jarvis Interview with Life Coach Maddy Moon

On the outside, Maddy Moon was flawless. Her adoring social media followers desperately coveted her chiseled stomach and thin legs, gushing over photos from her numerous fitness competitions.   Maddy's public persona reinforced the fitness industry’s promise that with a "perfect" body comes happiness, beauty, and health.   On the inside, Maddy’s spirit ached. The quest for physical [...]

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What is Mind and Body Cycling?

Cyclists, cross country skiers, runners, swimmers all know the amazing feeling that comes over you in the middle of a good workout. You feel absolutely energized, powerful and at peace with yourself and world. Your focus is complete, and your senses are heightened. This is an amazing meditative state where the worries about tomorrow or [...]

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What To Expect from a Revocycle Class

If you are new to indoor cycling, you will find Revocycle very welcoming. It is, in fact, part of our mission to make the benefits of this wonderful exercise available to those who would never set foot in a spin class at the gym. We've written about it in a previous post- in short, many, [...]

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