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3 Simple Ideas That Make Revocycle Revolutionary

The Revocycle fitness concept is a revolution in thinking about Spinning exercise. Like a lot of revolutions, it's based on some very simple, and in retrospect, obvious ideas. Cycle classes should use pedaling to get you in shape Alignment and position are essential in exercise Knowledge and experience are important when teaching a fitness program You may [...]

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Warning! We’re Much More Difficult Than Regular Spinning

 Every other spin class uses fixed-gear spin bikes that help you pedal....cheat, really.   How do you know? Try stopping your legs in a spin class. You can't. The bike is pedaling you. Now get on the regular exercise bike in the gym and stop your feet. There...that's freewheel pedaling.   Revocycle, and our Natural [...]

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Prince and The Genius Of Fearless Vision

Whether you loved his music or not, Prince was a towering figure in the music industry. Ask any professional musician who worked with him and they'll say the same thing: Prince was a genius.  At just 18 years old he was offered record contracts by major labels.....and he turned them down. He insisted that he be the [...]

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Bringing The Mind And Style of Barre and Yoga To Spin Class

Revocycle is taking Spin classes in a new direction. We draw on the mindful and body-aware teaching style of yoga and barre workouts and focus on proper alignment and form for a better, safer Spin workout.     Think about it...both yoga and barre are super challenging and require focus and concentration, right? But of [...]

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When Is It Time To Step Up To Revocycle?

When realize that your Spin bike is powering your legs around and doing most of the work in your Spin class. When you tire of your back and knees hurting after your 'whole body' Spin class. When you suddenly recognize that the ringing in your ears is actual hearing damage. Revocycle is the fix that the Spin industry desperately [...]

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Why We Don’t Yearn To Be Rockstar Instructors

As you may know, Spin studios promote their instructors as 'personas', unbelievably amazing Rockstars! They hire instructors based on their looks and their bodies, tell them to Amp Up their personalities to keep the attention of the riders. They wear skimpy clothing and pose for HOT and SEXY photos, give them scripted faux spiritual lines to scream [...]

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Using Science To Get Fit In Spin Class

Our Revocycle founder holds a Ph.D. in biology, has taught at elite colleges, and studied with John Ratey, M.D. of Harvard University Medical School. He has been cycling for 25 years. He is not an actor or underwear model. In order to use an indoor bike to get fit, you need to know what you [...]

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Sophistication In Spinning

At Revocycle we're seeking the higher ground through exercise.   Spinning studios are in an arms race for more and more distraction and entertainment in classes- strobe lights, dancing around the room, black lights, club atmosphere. We're going the opposite direction by tuning into the rhythm and the body with beautiful form. Revocycle is a reverse [...]

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Freewheel Spinning

You've never seen 'spin' bikes like ours before. Remarkably, all spin classes other than Revocycle use fixed-gear spin bikes. The big, heavy flywheel is locked to the pedals with a fixed gear. When you sit down to pedal you get the flywheel moving. But once it's moving it's sending energy right back into your legs. Try stopping [...]

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Spin Class As Mindful Movement

Our founder has ridden bikes for 25 years and at Revocycle we love this movement form in the same way a yogi loves her practice. It's a source of peace, happiness, centeredness and wellness, exactly like a good yoga practice. This is the same body, after all, as the one doing yoga- the same muscles, [...]

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