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April Partner of the Month-Bodywise Physical Therapy.

April Partner of the Month-Bodywise Physical Therapy

Bodywise Physical Therapy has opened a new location in the Pearl District, and they will be sponsoring some special classes at Revocycle this month!

At each of the sponsored classes, all riders will receive a FREE 15 minute consultation at Bodywise, and one rider in each class will win a FREE 1 Hour consultation. Owner (and Revocycler) Megan Moseley will give a special postural awareness and injury prevention cool down session in each class.

The classes are

Sunday April 6 at 10:00 am

Thursday April 17 at 5:30 pm

Sunday April 20 at 10:00 am

Saturday April 26 at 10:00 am

Make sure to sign up early, these should be lots of fun!

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