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AskMen Names Revocycle Freewheel Pedaling A Trend To Watch For 2016.

AskMen Names Revocycle Freewheel Pedaling A Trend To Watch For 2016

Revocycle is different from every other spinning studio out there. Intentionally.

And, the national men’s online magazine, just named Revocycle freewheel Spinning a national Trend to watch in 2016!   AskMen Article

We believe that cycling with good form is as important as using good form in yoga, weight lifting, swimming or running.

Our freewheel Natural Pedaling Method is an essential part of good form and technique in cycling exercise that for some reason has been totally overlooked until now in the Spinning industry.

Every other Spinning studio uses a fixed-gear spinning bike with the 50 lb. flywheel literally ‘fixed’ to the pedals. Once you get it moving it’s  pedaling you. You can do absolutely nothing and your legs will go around in a circle.

This is not cycling exercise.

Watch a child ride a bike….that’s freewheel pedaling.

If she stops pedaling, her legs stop and the wheel just spins as she coasts. The wheel doesn’t fling her legs around in a circle.

Freewheel pedaling is cycling.

AskMen recognizes the gigantic leap forward in indoor cycling that Revocycle represents and that’s why they named us a national leader and a Trend To Watch in 2016!



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