Revocycle Freewheel Pedaling Is Changing The Spinning Industry!

Join our June Cardio Challenge!.

Join our June Cardio Challenge!

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During the month of June we’ll be hosting the annual Revocycle Cardio Challenge- a month-long competition to complete the most full-length classes (or equivalent total riding time if you do the 30 minute Bar/Yoga Cardio Complement classes).

Prizes? Yes!

We’ll be giving away a free Elements massage, 5-Class Revocycle cards, and a $50 gift certificate for nutrition/health products from Pearl District Max Muscle and Nutrition!

You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in just one month- reduceĀ  your weight, tone your legs; create a sense of happiness and belonging; strengthen your heart and calm your mind; make new friends.

Come join us for month of personal transformation and renewal at Revocycle, the Portland Mind and Body Cycling Studio.

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