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Thanksgiving Calorie Burn + Sneak Preview of RevoSculpt!.

Thanksgiving Calorie Burn + Sneak Preview of RevoSculpt!

On Thanksgiving we’ll be doing our annual Calorie Burn, but included this year is our sneak preview of our new class format RevoSculpt!

RevoSculpt is a way to combine in one 60-minute class your cardio and upper body strength work in a way that maximizes both. RevoSculpt is thirty minutes of the classic Revo mindful aerobic ride followed by a 30-minute mindful and rebalancing sculpting session using dumbbells and bodyweight.

Attempting to do upper body strength work while pedaling is a sure way to reduce the effectiveness of both the cycling and the strengthening components. In RevoSculpt you focus exclusively on each modality in order to maximize the effectiveness of both!

Join us for this wonderful Thanksgiving tradition and the RevoSculpt sneak preview! We have 24 seats available for the ride, and 12 seats only for the RevoSculpt sneak preview, so make sure to reserve your spot now!



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