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We have 25 classes per week; RevoRide, RevoSculpt, RevoFlow and RevoEndure (90 min.)


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Revocycle- A New Mindset

Merging the mindfulness of barre and yoga with the amazing cardio benefits of cycling


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Revolutionary Freewheel

Complete the circle! Engage the whole leg for greater toning and calorie burn, happier knees :)


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Mind and Body Cardio

Calming instruction, beautiful pedaling precisely to the rhythm, mindful focus


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Learn about our revolutionary freewheel pedaling method and mind-body exercise

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Freewheels- Bringing ‘Spinning’ To The Next Level


What is freewheel indoor cycling? Most people who do a lot of ‘spinning’ don’t realize that the flywheel of the spin bike is flinging their feet around the pedal circle,.. read more

Good Form in Movement


Good form is the very essence of exercise, whether it’s weight lifting, dance, yoga, barre or cycling. That’s why Revocycle is leading the nation in bringing back beautiful form, technique.. read more

Organic Cycling With No Harmful Additives!


Less is more in indoor cycling. We recognize that all over the country there is an arms race to add more and more ‘moves’ to indoor cycling classes. In most.. read more