CitySearch Best Spinning Workout in Portland 2013!

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The first 2 classes at Revocycle are FREE for all Portland-Metro area residents. Come try us out!


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Our fall schedule begins Monday, September 16th. We have 24 seats available for each class, reserve your spot on-line.


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Embrace Our Culture

Revocycle is a place to celebrate life affirming movement and music for happier, healthier lives.


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Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, we know you’ll love our 24 indoor bicycles.


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Discover the Science

Revocycle creates the space to discuss and explore the mind and body benefits of exercise.


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Revocycle has 24 seats available for each class. Reserve classes online and show up 10 minutes early.


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Discover the science, psychology and research behind fitness and exercise.

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