CitySearch Best Spinning Workout in Portland 2013!

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The first week at Revocycle is FREE for all Portland-Metro area residents. Come try us out!


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We have 25 classes per week, with two 30 min. Cardio Complement classes on Tues/Thurs


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About Revocycle

A whole new mindset that moves beyond dancing-on-a-bike and toward mindful form


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Revolutionary Freewheel

Complete the circle! Engage the whole leg for greater toning and calorie burn, happier knees :)


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Mind and Body Cardio

Calming instruction, beautiful pedaling precisely to the rhythm, mindful focus


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Revocycle has 24 seats available for each class. Reserve classes online, new riders arrive 15 min. early.


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Learn about our revolutionary freewheel pedaling method and mind-body exercise

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