Organic, artisanal Portland-style spinning with no harmful additives.

100% Natural Organic Cycling, No Harmful Additives And Mindful Body Awareness

Revocycle brings the body awareness, calming teaching style and attention to good form typical of yoga to the amazing cardio of indoor cycling- for exactly the same reasons.


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We have 25 classes per week: RevoRide, RevoSculpt, RevoFlow, RevoEndure (90 min.) and our 30 min. RevoBasics. New riders are strongly encouraged to first attend a RevoBasics class.


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Revocycle- A New Mindset

‘Dance moves on a bike’ are banned by Spinning certification for a reason. We focus on beautiful form.


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Freewheel Pedaling

Take your spinning workout to the next level- greater toning and calorie burn, happier knees :)


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Mind and Body Cardio

Calming instruction, beautiful pedaling precisely to the rhythm, mindful focus


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Reserve classes online, new riders please arrive 15 min. early for fit and introduction.


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Learn about our revolutionary freewheel pedaling method and mind-body exercise

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Mindful Body Awareness In Spinning Borrowed From Yoga and Barre


Our Revocycle Mind-Body indoor cycling program is totally unlike any other spinning studio in the country, intentionally. Every studio is going further and further in the wrong direction trying to.. read more

We Are Definitely Not Trying To Mimic SoulCycle


Revocycle is our own thing, a copy of nothing. We’re a completely new cycling concept that comes from deep love the movement form and the power of music to transform.. read more

Revocycle Culture-Changing An Industry


Revocycle is named for two things: the revolution of the pedals when pedaling, and the cultural revolution of the spinning industry our program represents. When the world is filled with.. read more