The Portland 100% Organic, Craft Spinning Workout With No Harmful Additives

The Portland Organic, Artisanal Beautiful Indoor Cycling Revolution

100% Natural Cycling Exercise, No Harmful Dancing Additives, Pure Form


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Portland Residents, Your First Two Classes Are Free!

Come learn what the Revocycle Mind-Body Indoor Cycling Revolution is All About!


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6 Different Class Formats Offered Throughout The Week

RevoRide, RevoSculpt, RevoFlow, RevoEndure (75 min.) RevoBasics, and RevoPowerLunch

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The 2nd Wave Spinning Workout

Beautiful form, mind-body focus, freewheel pedaling


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Freewheel Pedaling

Engage around the full circle for greatly increased calorie burn and toning


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Mind and Body Cardio

Calming instruction, beautiful pedaling precisely to the rhythm, mindful focus


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Reserve classes online, new riders please arrive 15 min. early for fit and introduction.


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Learn about our revolutionary freewheel pedaling method and mind-body exercise

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Alignment-Based Indoor Cycling


Many of us who go to Spin class for our cardio also do yoga or barre classes for strength and flexibility. Let’s conjure up our yoga or barre instructor’s voice for a.. read more

Using Science To Get Fit In Spin Class


Our Revocycle founder holds a Ph.D. in biology, has taught at elite colleges, and studied with John Ratey, M.D. of Harvard University Medical School. He has been cycling for 25.. read more

Sophistication In Spinning


At Revocycle we’re seeking the higher ground through exercise.   Spinning studios are in an arms race for more and more distraction and entertainment in classes- strobe lights, dancing around the.. read more