Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling is  mindful, aligned, focused indoor cycling.

Revocycle Freewheel Pedaling Spin bikes have the pedals locked to a heavy flywheel so that the wheel is literally spinning your legs around in a circle. Actual bikes and exercise bikes are not built this way- they have a freewheel. Try stopping your legs suddenly in Spin class and you’ll know what we mean. Unlike any ‘Spin’ class anywhere, at Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling we have freewheel bikes- you can’t ‘cheat” and let the wheel fling your legs around! More muscle engagement means more a more efficient and effective workout.

Revocycle Alignment-based Indoor Cycling It’s a given that alignment in yoga,  barre Pilates is central to the exercise for effectiveness and safety. The same holds true in cycling exercise. The ‘figure 8s’, ‘around the worlds’ and other upper body contortions common in ‘dance party’ classes create dangerous forces that will injure the knees and back and accomplish nothing. Our classes teach beautiful and safe alignment, just like yoga or barre, so that you can get the most benefits of cycling without injuring yourself.

 Revocycle Mind-Body Teaching Style We love the calm, focused and respectful teaching of a good yoga or barre class and wonder why Spin classes have to be painfully loud with yelling and screaming. At Revocycle we teach with the mind of yoga and barre, encouraging you to tune into the body and breath so that we get into the zone of the flow state.

Based on 25 years of cycling and a Ph.D. in science, Revocycle Mind and Body Cycling is the most professional, effective and safe indoor cycling in the nation. Come try us out and learn how to get fit on a bike!